Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fling Preview: Old Germantown Gardens

Tucked away on a wooded parcel near Forest Park, Old Germantown Gardens is a nearly 2-acre hillside garden that is a wealth of garden diversity, including ponds, bog gardens, perennial beds and borders, woodland plantings, rock garden, dry hillside garden, and a greenhouse full of unusual tropical plants.

Delphinium and arbor
Each garden habitat is stuffed full of plants - rare, unusual and common ones, too.

Eryngium giganteum
Beyond the various types of gardens on this hillside property, visitors will discover a French/Italian-style patio- terrace adjacent to the house.


The terrace includes small decorative pools, a fountain, rill, and waterfall, all contained within hand-chiseled stone walls.

The garden is always evolving and changing - both naturally and by the owners’ guiding hands. Indeed, the past two years have witnessed much editing and renovation of this 23-year- old garden.

double border above
After exploring the extensive hillside trails, visitors who may need the added sustenance are welcome to refreshments on the terrace or upstairs deck while taking in a bird’s-eye view of Old Germantown Gardens.

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  1. I am so excited to finally get to see this garden!

  2. I didn't even know this existed.

    I always get excited when I hear "Germantown" [Road.] It was our route to the coast when I was a kid. About 2 or 3 miles out, and the six of us were well on our way to devouring the lunch my mom spent days preparing. We were also out of the Lifesavers we routinely picked up at the Safeway in St. Johns--except for David. He hoarded his Halloween stash too, and when he finished helping us eat ours, his was not available for sharing.

    But I digress. Pretty damn good.

    1. It's been open a few times in the HPSO book Patricia, this year on July 13th and 14th (Wakefield).

  3. This is a fascinating and beautiful garden. I predict Flingers will love it!

  4. Gorgeous! I can hardly wait! :o)


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