Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Fling? Our never-fickle Flingers tell all

Brit blogger Neil Jones looking very at home at his first Fling in Portland last year
Still undecided about whether to Fling? Well don't remain undecided for too long, as we have fewer than 10 spaces left. For those on the fence, read these great, go-Fling stories from past attendees.

Helen Battersby of Toronto Gardens (that would be me, one of this year's organizers) says it's all about the people. You'll see that my post Fling folk are Repeat Befrienders is a common theme.

Gail Eichelberger of Clay and Limestone in Tennessee loves the gardens as well as the people.

Garden Rant's Elizabeth Licata jokes that we have gardens in Canada, too. But one of her main draws to any Fling is experiencing each city – and Toronto has lots to offer. I agree.

Down in Louisiana, hearing about the first Fling in Austin in 2008 actually turned Jean McWeeney on to blogging about her garden. And from 2009 on, she's been to every one. Flinging can be addictive.

And one of the organizers for that Austin Fling, Texan Pam Penick calls the Fling one of the best garden tours around – while reinforcing the people points made by all of us.

First-timer Tammy Schmidt of Casa Mariposa (Virginia) describes the Fling it so well: "I could say it's a party or at least the mother of all garden tours, but it was really a homecoming."

As more people post, I'll add to the reasons why. Now you have to ask yourself, why not?