Monday, January 30, 2017

Gossler Farms: The Woody Plant Experts

Have you ever gone to a nursery and discovered no one knows anything about plants or purchased plants online that were given misleading or inaccurate growing information? If you've ever wanted to shop at a nursery where the owners are actually gardeners, then head to Gossler Farms Nursery. Located in Springfield, OR, Gossler Farms is one of those amazing places that is owned and staffed by real gardeners.

hamamelis intermedia 'Luna'

Home to some of the coolest plants around, Gossler Farms has been in business for 48 years and sells and ships year round. Run by the Gossler family, they specialize in shrubs and trees and are home to 65 varieties of magnolia and 43 types of witch hazel (hamamelis), all of which are available online. Their plants are huge so don't be surprised when a giant box arrives on your doorstep with a robust plant carefully tucked inside. 

The nursery is also home to a three acre display garden full of carefully selected shrubs and trees. So vast is their knowledge, they've written a book. If you're in the Springfield/Eugene, Oregon area they nursery is open to visitors if you call ahead. Roger is even available as a garden coach.