Sunday, June 5, 2022

Things to Pack and What to Wear

The Madison Fling is just over two weeks away!

What should you bring, and what should you wear? Here are a few suggestions:

Things to Pack:
  • Camera!
  • Extra camera batteries and memory card
  • COVID masks (we'll include one in your swag bag, and we'll have a few extras)
  • Proof of COVID vaccination (you'll be asked at registration)
  • Hat
  • Phone and camera chargers
  • An umbrella to protect your camera in case of rain
  • Mosquito/tick repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Your Fling buttons if you've been to the Fling before (don't worry newbies, we've got you covered!)
  • Business cards

Note: These are just a few suggestions and recommendations; there are many other things you, personally, will want to bring. Be sure to leave lots of extra space in your suitcase for your swag! You'll get lots of freebies, so consider bringing an extra carry-on bag for the trip home.

What to Wear:

Wear comfy clothes during the day for the garden tours. If you feel like dressing up for dinner, then bring a change of clothes for each night. (Our banquet dinner on Saturday night will be at the hotel.)

Wisconsin's weather can be unpredictable, even in summer. While "normal" late June highs are in the low 80s F, and "normal" lows are in the 60s, daytime temps can range anywhere from dry 70s all the way on up to very humid and low 100s 
(unlikely based on our forecast this summer, but be prepared).

We'll share the forecast on our Facebook page a few days before the Fling to help you decide what to pack, although the weather can change, and a full range of things can happen quickly (strong winds, thunderstorms, perfect days, rainbows). Fortunately, most June storms hit in the evening, so our days (fingers crossed) are more likely to be "calm and partly cloudy."

The A/C tends to be cranked up pretty high at most indoor places in the Midwest. While we'll be mostly outside, our brunch on Saturday and our banquet dinner on Saturday night will be indoors. So, be sure to bring a sweater or a light jacket for these events or for dinners at indoor restaurants.

As Fling veterans know, we walk, walk, and then walk some more during the Fling. Bring comfy shoes! We'll be walking through gardens, over lawns, up and down hills, through the streets of Madison, and more. Plan accordingly.


You’ll be on your own for breakfast each day. Lunch will be included with your registration. We’ll also provide daily snacks to fuel your energy for garden tours. We’ll have a banquet on Saturday, but you’ll also have a chance to dine out on other nights.

Our previous post covered the planned itinerary in case you missed it: Madison Fling Itinerary Preview.

Safe travels! See you soon!