Thursday, March 12, 2020

FAQs Regarding How the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Will Affect the Madison Fling

Thank you all for your support and patience during these unprecedented times. As we’ve communicated through Facebook and directly with planned attendees, at this point, we’re still planning to continue with the Madison Fling. We’d like to share our thoughts through a set of questions and answers, regarding what we expect in the weeks to come.

First, we’d direct all questions about the disease, itself, to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coronavirus Disease web page.

This Fling FAQ page is dedicated to questions Madison Fling attendees may have about our specific event. For Fling-specific questions beyond those listed here, please contact us at

Q. When will you make the decision on whether or not to cancel the Madison Fling?

A. We are working with our hotel and other venues to make the best decision, considering all the variables. We will know more by late March. Even beyond that, circumstances may change through April and May. While it is our hope that the virus will begin to fade across the country by late spring, we just don’t know at this point. We feel it’s too early to call it off today.

Q. What if the virus expands dramatically in the U.S. in the weeks ahead?

A. Most indications are that this will happen. As we present this, the virus is expanding, and there likely will be many more cases in Madison and other communities across the country. We’re hoping the virus will begin to subside long before mid-June, but we just don’t know at this point.

Q. Why does it make sense to continue the Fling while so many other events are cancelling?

A. Again, we may still be forced to discontinue the Fling, for various reasons. But if the outlook is much better by the end of April, we feel there’s no reason we can’t go ahead with our event. Our group is relatively small (50-60), we’re meeting during the summer (when, hopefully, the virus won’t be active), and most of our events will be outdoors.

Q. Has your cancellation/registration refund policy changed in light of our current pandemic situation?

A. No, with the exception that we are prepared to offer 95% ticket refunds ($295 minus transaction processing fees, or $280.25) if we are forced to cancel the Madison Fling. If you choose to stick with us during the weeks ahead, we will follow through with 95% refunds for you, should we end up having to cancel eventually.

Q. What about your early bird discount expiring on April 2?

A. We are extending the $295 rate right up to the Fling. We didn’t foresee the coronavirus, and our early bird rate was an attempt to get things moving earlier. However, we now see that this isn’t effective this time, and we want to make registration as easy as possible for people, when they feel ready.

Q. What are the hotel’s cancellation policies?

A. All reservations cancelled after 4 p.m. CST 24 hours prior to arrival and all “no shows” will be charged one night room/tax.


Finally, thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support. We are doing everything we can to continue with the Madison Fling, June 18-21. And we look forward to seeing you all and visiting gardens together!