Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fling sponsor, Tula Hats, covers all your sun protection needs

We’re excited to have Tula Hats partner with the Garden Bloggers Fling. 

Tula Hats makes an array of beautiful and functional hats for any outdoor need.  Now you can enjoy all of your favorite outside activities without worrying about the damage the sun is doing to your skin by putting on a gorgeous palm hat from Tula Hats. Their hats are handwoven in a small village in the mountains of Mexico, adhering to the local tradition used for centuries.  They are made using 100 percent natural palm fiber, which is a sustainable, environmentally friendly fiber grown on the Mexican coast.

Tula hats have been rated as having the highest level of sun protection – providing UPF 50+ sun protection, and they’re also fair trade, made by artisans with fair wages and safe working conditions.

Want a hat to wear while planting your garden? Need a set of the best hiking hats out there for a family excursion? Or perhaps you just want to stroll around town on a sunny day? Tula hats are perfect for these activities, and more. 

They’re even travel friendly – their packable straw hats are sturdy and pliable, great to bring along in your suitcase to any Fling, with clothing (and maybe plants in plastic bags) stuffed around them.

Check out their hats online, and you’ll soon see why they’re so loved.

Check them out on their website at  You can also find them at,

Be sure to thank them for their generous support.