Sunday, April 30, 2017

Blue Viper Sprayers: A Weed's Worst Enemy

The first time poison ivy showed up in my garden, I thought it was a sign from the universe that I had been truly rotten and spent the day apologizing. The second time, it showed up, I consoled myself that it wasn't a sign from a vengeful deity but rather a native plant spread by bird droppings. But regardless of how or why it magically appears every summer, getting rid of it can be a challenge. Thanks to the problem-solving prowess of the Blue Viper Sprayer, I can now kill the poison ivy without obliterating everything else in the garden or ending up covered in blisters.  

What makes the Blue Viper Sprayer different is its pinpoint precision and lightweight, ergonomic design. There's no need to lug around and pump a bulky, heavy container of weed killer while worrying you're about to accidentally kill everything around the single weed you're after. 

Goodbye poison ivy and every other invasive plant that shows up in my garden in spots that require the flexibility of a noodle to reach. Goodbye pain in the patootie pump action jug sprayer that blasts everything in a three foot radius no matter how many times I adjust the nozzle and hello Blue Viper! Life just got easier and that's fine with me!