Thursday, March 17, 2016

Minneapolis Fling Preview: Riana's Sculpture Garden

One of the most spectacular gardens that we will visit during the Minneapolis Garden Bloggers Fling is the garden and sculpture park created and nurtured by Wouterina (Riana) de Raad in Beldenville, Wis., about 30 miles from the Twin Cities. This unique garden is so worth the drive that we had to take you to see it. It's like no other garden you have ever seen -- a large rural landscape filled with unusual sculptures, mysterious paths and lush plantings. Riana created it all.

A mosaic artist, Riana has planted large sculptures throughout her gardens: fish benches, huge birds, mermaids, larger than life human figures -- all done in brightly colored mosaics. Much of the furniture is also mosaic.

Riana's art is influenced by her childhood spent in Java, where she grew up the daughter of Dutch parents. She was a fiber artist until she moved to the farm, which had been previously occupied by potters. When they were unhappy with a piece, they would throw it against a tree. Riana picked up the pieces of their broken art and used them to create her garden. The garden is open two days a week during the summer. (She's opening it exclusively to our group on Sunday, the final day of the Fling.)

There are still spots available for the Minneapolis fling. Please register soon to reserve yours. 

Hiding behind the fleece flower, a pink flamingo


  1. What a shame I can't get there to see this garden. It looks intriguing.

  2. Looks fantastic, can't wait to see it.

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