Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Toronto Fling Preview: The Gardens of Cabbagetown

Welcome to Cabbagetown
Toronto is sometimes called a city of neighbourhoods. On the Sunday morning of the Fling, we're delighted to be able to show off one of the prettiest, the Heritage Conservation District once known disparagingly, but now affectionately, as Cabbagetown.

Cabbagetown got its name because the hungry Irish workers who once lived here used their precious garden space to grow cabbages. (The link above takes you to more on its history.) Residents were too poor to tear down and modernize the lovely Victorian townhouses and cottages – and our age is the lucky beneficiary.

We're partnering with the Cabbagetown Preservation Association, who are giving us a pre-opening preview of their annual Hidden Gardens and Private Spaces of Cabbagetown garden tour on the day of the tour, June 7th. Tickets to this tour usually sell out quickly.

Walking one of the area's central blocks, we'll get a peep into five tiny gardens off Magic Lane (one of Toronto's many laneways), look at some charming front gardens along leafy streets, and enjoy private access to two Cabbagetown gardens – created by avid gardeners.

Cabbagetown gardens show what big impact can be created in a small space.