Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Toronto Fling: Who's going?

Four of the smiling faces you'll meet in Toronto: Carolina gals Janet, Daricia, Lisa and Julie at the San Francisco Fling
I'm pastin' a link, I'm checkin' it twice. You're gonna find out who's naughty or nice (and often both). Toronto Flingers are comin' to town – and some, marked with an (N) are also goin' to Niagara. Discover who's who and who'll be here, or at least those confirmed to-date. We'll update as things change. Get to know the nice, the naughty, and the bit of both by visiting their blogs. And comment!

See anything wrong or anyone missing – or anyone who really should be coming but hasn't committed yet? Nudge me or them, as the case may be.

And, if you're coming to Toronto, you can download the Fling badge to the right and add it to your blog, with a link back to this site. Spread the good word!

From Canada:

Toronto Fling Committee:
Helen Battersby (N)                Toronto Gardens
Sarah Battersby (N)                Toronto Gardens and Fiesta Gardens
Lorraine Flanigan (N)              CityGardening
Veronica Sliva (N)                   A Gardener's World

Tony Spencer                         The New Perennialist
Jennifer Connell                     Three Dogs in a Garden
Janet Davis (N)                      The Paintbox Garden
Tara Nolan (N only)                Savvy Gardening
Susan Poizner (N)                  The Orchard People
Cristina da Silva (N)               The Real Gardener
Barbara Phillips-Conroy (N)   Barbara's Garden Chronicles
Joanne Shaw                            Down2Earth
Amanda Hill                            Cooking in Someone Else's Kitchen
Margaret Mishra (N)               Homegrown – Adventures in my Garden
Marilyn Cornwell                    Open Gardens Niagara
Margaret Bennet-Alder           Toronto Gardener's Journal

Patterson Webster (N)            Site and Insight

From the United Kingdom:

Victoria Summerley (N)         Tales from Awkward Hill

Michelle Chapman (N)           Veg Plotting

From the United States:

Su Reid-St. John                     Bonnie's Plants

Maya Bartolf                          Today's Bouquet
Jim Peterson                            Garden Design

Judy Seaborn                          In the Garden, Botanical Interests
Brandon Coppin                     In the Garden, Botanical Interests

Karin Hicks (N)                     Southern Meadows

Jason Kay                             Garden in a City
Judy Hertz                             Garden in a City

Jean McWeeney (N)              Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog

Claire Jones (N)                     The Gardening Diaries

Stefanie Gilmour                   See Jane Dig
Nancy Patterson                   Garden 337

Mary Shier                            My Northern Garden
Amy Andrychowicz (N)        Get Busy Gardening and Savvy Gardening

Mimi Ricketts                       Arch City Gardener

North Carolina:
Helen Yoest                          Gardening With Confidence
Daricia McKnight (N)           A Charlotte Garden

New Jersey:
Susan Cohan (N)                  Miss Rumphius' Rules

New York:
Elizabeth Licata                   Garden Rant and Gardening While Intoxicated 
Jim Charlier                          Art of Gardening
Donna Brok                          Garden Walk Garden Talk
Kathy Purdy (N)                   Cold Climate Gardening
Barbara Landree                   Travels with Barb

Kylee Baumle (N)                 Our Little Acre
Louise Hartwig (N)              Two Girls with a Purpose
Susan Heppeard (N)              Two Girls with a Purpose

Loree Bohl                           Danger Garden
Jane Finch-Howell               Mulch Maid

South Carolina:
Lisa Wagner                         Natural Gardening
Julie Thompson-Adolf (N)  Garden Delights
Janet Ledebuhr (N)              The Queen of Seaford
Julie Hill (N)                        Into the Southern Wild
Marian St. Clair                     Hortitopia

Gail Eichelberger (N)          Clay and Limestone
Barbara Wise (N)                 BWise Gardening

Pam Penick                          Digging
Chris Giaraffa                      Running Gardener
Diana Kirby                         Sharing Nature's Garden
Andrea Fox (N)                   Grow Where You're Planted
Vicki Blachman (N)            Playin' Outside
Cindy Tournier (N)              My Corner of Katy
Sheryl Williams (N)            Yard Fanatic
Rebecca Schroeder (N)        Rebecca's Retreat
Laurin Lindsey (N)              Ravenscourt Gardens
Shawn Schachter (N)           Ravenscourt Gardens
Susan Tomlinson (N)          The Bike Garden
Linda Lehmusvirta              Central Texas Gardener
Jennifer Trandell                 The Botanical Journey

Tammy Schmitt                   Casa Mariposa

Washington D.C.:
Susan Harris                       Garden Rant and  Greenbelt Live and DC Gardens

Beth Stetenfeld                   Plant Postings 

(BTW, Blogger's inability to create a flush-left double column sets my typographic whiskers all aquiver. We'll have to live with content over style. Now go visit those blogs and say Hi!)