Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 Garden Bloggers Fling Attendees and Their Blogs...

We figure you'll probably want to get to know the people (and their blogs) you'll be "flinging" with this July. Below is a list of registered attendees* by state (country if outside the U.S.). I also thought it would be fun to see how many years we've been blogging, so that's the number after the blog name. All totaled up that's 383 years of blogging experience! (If there is a spelling or other error please email me and I'll make the change, spikyplants at gmail dot com).

Mary Beth Shaddix, Mary Beth Shaddix (3)

Gerhard Bock, Succulents and More (4)
Annette Gutierrez, Potted-Our Blog (2)
Kathy Stoner, GardenBook (5)
Gail Lord, Piece Of Eden (5)
Denise Ginger, A Growing Obsession (4)
Stefani Bittner, Star Apple Edible Gardens (5)
Christian Cobbs, Star Apple Edible Gardens (3)
Leslie Bennett, Star Apple Edible Gardens (5)
Jim Peterson, Garden Design
Valerie Peterson, Garden Design

(British Columbia) Kristin Crouch, That Bloomin' Garden (4)
(Ontario) Helen Battersby, Toronto Gardens (8)

Ryan Schmitt, In the Garden (3)
Judy Seaborn, In the Garden (less than 1)

Robin Horton, Urban Gardens (5)

Karin Hicks, Southern Meadows (4)

Mary Ann Newcomer, Gardens of the Wild Wild West (8+)
Andrea Bruce-Niederer, I Garden Daily (3)

Jason Kay, Garden in a City (2)
Judy Hertz, Garden in a City (2)
Rosalie Fisher, Prairie Rose's Garden (6)

Jean McWeeney, Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog (6)

Robin Ripley, Bumblebee (7)
Clair Jones, The Garden Diaries (4)

Stephanie Gilmour, See Jane Dig (4)

Amy Andrychowicz, Get Busy Gardening!  (4)
Kathleen Hennessy, 29 Minute Gardener

Alan Lorence, It's not work, it's gardening! (4)
Catherine Cameron, Gardener's Roost (7)

New York
Kate Walz, Gardening and Gardens (4)

North Carolina
Daricia McKnight, A Charlotte Garden (6)

Kylee Baumle, Our Little Acre (7)

Dee Nash, Red Dirt Ramblings (7)

Scott Weber, Rhone Street Gardens (5)
Heather Tucker Just a Girl with a Hammer (4)
Loree Bohl, danger garden (5)
Tamara Paulat, Chickadee Gardens (less than 1)
Ann Amato-Zorich, Amateur Bot-ann-ist (6)
Matthew Hubbard, The Lents Farmer (2)
Jennifer Dennis, Rainy Day Gardener (6)
Darcy Daniels, Bloomtown (10+)
Jane Finch-Howell, MulchMaid  (5)
Dawn Hummel, The CoHort Zone (5)
Ricki Grady, sprig to twig, (7)
Katrina Bryant, Kate Bryant (less than 1)
Anna Kullgren, Flutter & Hum, (4)

South Carolina
Julie Thompson-Adolf, Garden Delights (4)
Lisa Wagner, Natural Gardening (7)
Janet Ledebuhr, The Queen of Seaford (5)

(Madrid) Lisa Calle, Descubriendo hojas (1)

Gail Eichelberger, Clay and Limestone (6)
Barbara Wise, Bwisegardens (5)

Cindy Tournier, From My Corner of Katy (6)
Laurin Lindsey, Ravenscourt Gardens, (less than 1)
Laura Wills, WillsFamilyAcres (6)
Pam Penick, Digging (8)
Diana Kirby, Sharing Natures Garden (7)
Sheryl Williams, Yardfanatic (4)
Ally Stresing, Garden Ally (2)
Vicki Blachman, Playin' Outside (7)
Caroline Homer, The Shovel-Ready Garden (5)
Andrea Fox, grow where you're planted (6)
Chris Giaraffa, Watching My Garden Grow, (4)

United Kingdom
(Bedfordshire) Mark Domingo, Alternative Eden (3)
(Bedfordshire) Gaz Jones, Alternative Eden (3)
(Gloucestershire) Victoria Summerley, Tales from Awkward Hill (7)
(Sussex) Charlotte Weychan, The Galloping Gardener (5)
(Wiltshire) Michelle Chapman, Veg Plotting, (7)

Tammy Schmitt, Casa Mariposa (4)

Vanessa Gardner Nagel, Garden Chirps (6)
Laura Heldreth, Gravy Lessons (1)
Peter Herpst, The Outlaw Gardener (2)
Lorene Edwards Forkner, Planted at Home (7)
Skyler Walker, Tangly Cottage Journal (8)
Alan Fritz, Tangly Cottage Journal (4)
Christina Salwitz, Personal Garden Coach (9)