Thursday, June 6, 2013


For flingers who are spending a longer time in SF, a visit to Alcatraz might be of interest.

Shelagh Fritz photo

As of 2003, the gardens on the island are overseen by the Garden Conservancy, The Golden Gate Parks Conservancy, and the National Park Service.

Tours and garden visits are available. The entry fee is the cost of the ferry to the island. Tickets are best purchased in advance, as tours regularly sell out.

Book ferry passage here.

Read about the history of the gardens, and about tours and planning a visit here.

And don't forget to leave room in your luggage for a t shirt.


  1. it's on my list, though i'm in need of a tour guide, want to go with me on monday...?

  2. Andrea, I'm not a tour guide, but I'd love to go on Monday. Maybe we can round up a gang... perhaps not the best term.

  3. Andrea, Helen: Please note that half that day's tours are already sold out, so tickets should be purchased soon. See above link for purchasing.

  4. I want to go and I know that Victoria and Charlotte are also thinking about it. Monday Am would work for me but my flight is at 7pm so need to take that into account

  5. Andrea and Helen (and Maggie), I've just purchased tix for the earliest tour still available: 9:10 on July 1. Hope to share the experience with some of you.

  6. Bummer, your tour time is sold out Helen. Maggie and I will wave to you as our 1pm ship passes yours in the Bay...

  7. Darn. Barbara Wise and I were hoping to do Alcatraz on Monday. :-( Can you just take one of the ferries there and tour the gardens on your own?

  8. Kylee it looks like you can still get tickets for a 9:40 tour of Alcatraz and Angel Island. It's 5.5 hours, just so you know.


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