Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Right outside your door

Your fling hotel is right downtown, surrounded by a whole lot of great stuff.
You can leave your room and within minutes find yourself sitting with a coffee in one of several public green spaces.

Jessie Square fronts the Contemporary Jewish Museum, across from Yerba Buena Gardens.

fling hotel off to left; cut through allee

Built atop an underground parking garage and flanking St. Patrick Church, the square is designed to be both a meeting place and a complement to the surrounding architecture.

these faceted planters were a temporary installation

Coffee can be found on Market Street at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (773 Market Street), or at Blue Bottle Coffee in Mint Plaza.

Mint Plaza is an award-winning public space that incorporates rainwater runoff capture within an elegant site design and provides seating on its iconic orange chairs, which are left scattered for users to arrange as they like.

There is, of course, a Starbucks on 3rd Street at Market, and, for non-carry-out beverages, easy-going Dave's bar is just across from your hotel.

Market Street, from your hotel at 3rd Street up to 5th, is stuffed with places to shop, from Walgreen's drugstore to the Westfield Center, er, Centre.

We apologize in advance for any part of life's rich pageant along Market Street that might get weird. Around here, we just roll with it.


  1. What is San Francisco without a little bit of oddball pageantry, no? Awesome list of nearby hotel sights!

  2. They're primed for weird if they came to the Asheville Fling.

  3. Thanks for this, Maggie. And what's a big city without a little of life's (weird) rich pageant anyway?

  4. Looking forward to some weirdness.

  5. One of the first things I did was scan for the nearest Starbucks (before booking of course), somethings in life are not optional.

  6. Not a huge coffee fan but I am hugely excited about visiting San Francisco and the US for the first time. I will be soaking it all up, including the weirdness!!

  7. Our hometown motto is "Keep Austin Weird" and we've been to Asheville - we can handle weird. Have actually found this area of SF fairly low key - except those folks who get all hopped up on chocolate at that lovely shop nearby.


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