Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gardens In Asheville Bloggers Contest

Explore Asheville (the official Asheville tourism site at the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau) is sponsoring a garden bloggers contest (inspired by our visit, but open to any bloggers out there).

Complete contest information is described at this link.

Here are the basic details, too.

Explore Asheville Garden Blogger Contest:
Spread the word about Asheville gardens and win a trip!

We're offering a chance for garden bloggers to win a free trip (and maybe return!) to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.  Whether you write about flower gardens, vegetable gardens or rock gardens, all bloggers are welcome to participate in this contest.

What you win:
- 2 nights accommodations at a local Bed and Breakfast. - 2 Tickets to Biltmore.
- A gift basket of assorted goodies.

How to enter:
- Feature at least one Asheville garden in a blog post. It must contain a link to the Explore Asheville garden section (See the garden blogger tool-kit below)

- Send a link of your blog post to

Include your name and telephone number plus any social sites you're a part of so we can connect online.

Social sharing equals more chances to win!
- If you're on Twitter, tweet your blog entry and tag @VisitAsheville. We'll put your name in the hat an additional time.

- If you're on Facebook, follow us at
facebook.com/asheville and tag @Asheville in your post. This also will get you an additional entry. 

All entries must be received by June 22nd at 5PM EST. 

Garden Blogger Tool-kit:
- Asheville Gardens  
- Secret Gardens
- Public Gardens
- Flower Video  
- Packages & Deals 


  1. Hmm, I see that the links from their file don't work on this post. I'll see if I can correct that.


  2. OK, the hot links don't work from their pdf, so you'll have to copy and paste, I guess. I'll check with her tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for posting this Lisa. I added a few pretty pictures and after much arduous digging at the Explore Asheville site I was able to find three of the links in the tool kit under the seasonal fun heading? I'm not sure they are quite ready for this. We may be too efficient.

  4. What a great idea. You've really taken the promotion for the Fling to the next level. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

  5. Their direct site link (recently up) and the other links should all work now.

    A couple of nights at a local B&B and 2 tickets to Biltmore are quite a nice prize, especially if you're within driving distance of Asheville or have friends nearby.

    You can talk with Del Holston tomorrow at Tressa's about the contest, if you're able to be there.

    Travel safely and we''re looking forward to see you!

  6. This looks like so much fun! Have enjoyed stays in Asheville before, but sounds like I'll be missing out on the contest.


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