Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At The Biltmore With Bulbarella

You won't be seeing this a month from now when you visit the gardens of the Biltmore Estate. The 15 acre azalea garden will be finished blooming. So I don't feel bad taking you on a spring time tour of sights you won't see.

And the strangest azalea I have ever seen.

It is possible that the other rhododendrons and the Mountain Laurels will be blooming in May depending on the weathers. Can you depend on the weathers?

Not to worry. The gardens of America's largest home will not disappoint.

There is always something to see, something in bloom.

Just not the azaleas.

There are vistas.

And groves of bamboo.

There just won't be any azaleas in bloom.

Plenty big trees and baby Dawn Redwoods.

There just won't be any azaleas for you.

The conservatory is still in winter mode. Good thing cause a freeze is a coming.

Inside it is always filled with tropicals.

In the summer time the tropicals spill out the doors and flow out into the courtyards and sidewalks. It is a house plant lovers dream come true.

White wisteria blooms in the walled garden. You won't see that.

You will see an amazing display of perennials just now waking up.

The garden bloggers will only be touring the gardens during our visit. You can't miss the house though. You will be able to walk right up to it. You just can't go inside.

The tree peonies were already in bloom. There could be other peonies blooming while we are there.

The wisteria arbor will be done.

The statuary is timeless.

The vistas change with the seasons.

The house is immense. You can walk right up to it and touch it. Even take a picture of yourself with the house in the background. You just can't go inside. You're not allowed to take pictures inside anyway.

If you really must see the inside of the house, I picked up discount entry vouchers today for garden bloggers to return to the estate for a chance to get inside. The house tour alone takes a good two hours or more. We come for the gardens.

The gardeners are busy preparing the annual bedding display for your visit.

Because the tulips are pau. There will be no tulips for you.

Bulbarella and I spent two and a half hours just leisurely walking through the gardens of the Biltmore Estate on a cool spring day while the azaleas were at peak because there will be no azaleas for you when you visit the Biltmore in May.


  1. Thanks for showing us what we cannot see, Christopher and Bulbarella! I am glad you got to see them for us. No tulips, either? I was wondering. But there will be flowers galore and vistas, oh yes, vistas!

    1. Frances that patch of tulips in the last picture was all that was left. Others were done and most had already been dug and tossed.

  2. Are you sure there will be no azaleas, Christopher? I don't know if there's a point in coming without them.


  3. LOL Pam.

    Beautiful tour Christopher, thanks for sharing that which we can't see.

  4. Missed seeing photos of Bulbarella - she's certainly more important than someone's lil' ol' house.

    1. vbdb, that is Bulbarella in the first photo in the wisteria arbor.


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