Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grab The Badge

After a request was made, duh, we need a badge for folks to put on their blogs for Asheville 2012 The Fling if they so desire. The grab the badge function is now in the right sidebar.

You can copy the code in the box below the image to paste into your own blog's sidebar functions. This will give you the image as a link to the Flings website without the code box.

Holla if this doesn't work.


  1. Works great! Thanks for providing. Top, right corner. I'm excited.

  2. Great. Glad to hear it works because tweaking code is not really my forte. Now if it doesn't work for someone they'll have to holler at somebody else.

  3. I just added it to my blog...and I think I might actually make it to this one!

  4. Just saw it and put it on the blog. I hope to come. I love Asheville.~~Dee


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