Monday, April 27, 2015

Opening Night in Toronto with Lee Valley Tools

Setting for our opening night at the Toronto Fling – the King Street store of Canada's own Lee Valley Tools
As Canadians, we are excited and proud to have Canada's own Lee Valley Tools as a major sponsor for the Garden Bloggers Fling 2015 in Toronto. I know you will be, too.

As a gardener, I find poring through the Lee Valley catalog an exercise in acquisitiveness – I want that and that and that and that! They have a knack for finding intriguing things, and the tools branded Lee Valley are invariably well made. A browse through the store, with it all on display, not only neat stuff for gardeners but mysterious paraphernalia for woodworkers, is like visiting the Olde Curiosity Shoppe. Fascinating.

Lee Valley Tools is our generous host – and Lee Valley's 590 King Street West store is the setting – for our welcome event, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, June 4th. It's an interesting, 25-minute walk or a short street-car ride from our hotel. Getting-there details will follow in our itinerary soon.

Here's the official Lee Valley Welcomes the Toronto Fling invitation from Lee Valley itself:
Mingle with fellow garden bloggers and meet Lee Valley’s gardening experts while enjoying delicious refreshments and hors d’eouvres. Enter for chances to win throughout the evening. Plus, get to know the Canadian-owned and operated retailer that has earned a reputation for manufacturing and selling high-quality, hard-to-find gardening, woodworking and hardware products for over 35 years. Lee Valley’s products are available globally online and in stores across Canada. @LeeValleyTools #LeeValley #GBFling2015
And here's what they're not saying, but is important for you to know: Leave room in your suitcase! You will NOT go home empty handed.


  1. But can we take it through customs? I had to leave a nice set of pruners behind when traveling through the States because I only had a carry on bag and they wouldn't let it through security. But I love Lee Valley! Have purchased many hard-working tools from them. Even wrote them a valentine one year:

    1. Kathy, the answer is: Check your bag on the return trip. It will be worth it.

  2. How fabulous! And my husband is excited to visit them too, you know later, without all the bloggers.

  3. I'm ridiculously excited about this!

  4. What a great kick-off! A store ffull of gardening tools is juast about as high on my list as a store full of plants (and tools are actually easier to take home) ;-)

  5. This is fabulous! Lee Valley is definitely one of my favourites; I usually make a point of stopping in at their Burlington location at least a couple of times per year, even if it's just to browse.

  6. Yay! Looking forward to it! I'm driving home, so ... no problem. ;-)


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