Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Let's Fling in Austin, Texas, in 2018!

Austin Garden Bloggers Fling
May 3-6, 2018
Austin, Texas

Next spring, Garden Bloggers Fling heads back to where it all began in 2008, the beautiful city of Austin, Texas! Home to absurdly large numbers of garden bloggers, taco joints, live music venues, and the largest urban bat colony in North America, Austin is rolling out the welcome mat and spiffing its best gardens for YOU. 

Garden bloggers, you're invited to join us for 3 full days of garden touring plus a fun kickoff happy hour on the afternoon of May 3rd. We've got a lot of cool gardens lined up and exciting events planned, including a little live music! And tacos, of course. 

We'll have approximately 90 spots available (click here for eligibility guidelines), and we expect to open registration in November. More details on all that plus the registration cost will be coming soon, so stay tuned. All announcements will be posted on this blog and our official Fling Facebook page. Over the next several weeks we'll be sharing fun details about Austin, the gardens we'll be touring, special events we're planning, meals, and more. We hope to see you next May in our hometown!

Until then, turn up the volume and enjoy our sneak-peek video of the 2018 Austin Fling. Oh, and feel free to grab the Austin Fling button (top of this post) to put in your sidebar and share with your readers!

Austin Fling Planning Committee
Diana Kirby (lead planner) - Sharing Nature's Garden
Pam Penick - Digging
Laura Wills - Wills Family Acres

Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Capital Region Fling Overview

The Fling, recently described as summer camp for gardeners, is over but we all get to relive the fun through our blog posts. Much has been written about the Fling on blog posts and in our public Facebook group. I've organized this by day and added a few of the shout-out's from Facebook.

Thursday, June 22  

Friday, June 23   

Garden With Diana - Hillwood Estate
pbm garden - Smithsonian Gardens
Late to the Garden Party - Smithsonian Gardens
Digging - Gardens along the National Mall
The Danger Garden - Hillwood Estate
Red Dirt Ramblings - Hillwood Estate
Toronto Gardens - Hillwood Estate
Bonney Lassie - Smithsonian Gardens
A Leafy Indulgence - Hillwood
A Leafy IndulgenceGardens along the National Mall
pbmGarden - Monastery
Digging - Hillwood
Frau Zinnie - Hillwood
DigGrowCompostBlog - Smithsonian, National Mall
Late to the Garden Party - Hillwood

Saturday, June 24
Private gardens in Maryland and Virginia, Brookside Gardens

Digging - Debbie Friedman
Digging - Jeff Minnich
Digging - Peg Bier
Digging - Scott Brinitzer
Digging - Ellen Ash
Digging - Virginia Gardener
Digging - Barbara Katz
Digging - Brookside Gardens
A Leafy Indulgence - Barbara Katz and Debbie Friedman
Toronto Gardens - Scott Brinitzer
Late to the Garden Party - Barbara Katz
Late to the Garden Party - Brookside Gardens
Garden With Diana - Debbie Friedman's garden
Garden With Diana - Ellen Ash
Garden With Diana - Peg Bier
Danger Garden - Barbara Katz
Danger Garden - Jeff Minnich

Sunday, June 25

Digging - Linda Hostetler
Digging - Casa Mariposa, Merrifield's, Stone Tower
Bonney Lassie - Merrifield's, Casa Mariposa, Linda Hostetler's
Bonney Lassie - Meadowlark Gardens
Sharing Nature's Garden - Casa Mariposa
pbmgarden - Merrifield's 
The Paintbox Garden - Linda Hostetler
Late to the Garden Party - Linda Hostetler
Late to the Garden Party - Casa Mariposa
Late to the Garden Party - Meadowlark
The Paintbox Garden - Casa Mariposa

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Angie the Freckled Rose - DRAMM/Harris Seeds Red Racer Tomatoes

PlantsMap - Harris Seeds Red Racer tomatoes 

PlantsMap - Fling overview

Frau Zinnie - American Meadows/High Country Gardens

Frau Zinnie - Corona Tools

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hortus TV: All the Gardening You Can Stream!

My family likes to joke that if I could figure out a way to garden in the dark, I'd do it. I think they may be right. But short of strapping a mining helmet onto my noggin, the best way to get my gardening on when it's too cold, too hot, or too dark is to watch Hortus TV, the internet streaming service that allows you to watch as much gardening TV as you can handle.

With over 1000 gardening shows in their library, many of which are new to North America and available in high def, you could watch almost three shows a day for a year before you hit the end. Started by a passionate gardener frustrated that high quality gardening shows were no longer a part of most network line-ups, Hortus TV includes a free 7-day trial. A monthly subscription is only $6.99 and unlike your phone plan, is available on a month by month basis. You can even watch Hortus TV on your phone, laptop, or tablet. This winter when I'm tired of looking out at my brown dormant garden, which specializes in winter disinterest,  I'll be hooked up to Hortus TV. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Southern Living: The Source for Landscape Solutions

Every time I have a problem area in my garden that I try to solve with wrong plant after wrong plant, I feel like I'm lost on a dating site where every match is the wrong one. It would be handy if I could stumble on a website with categories such as "This will grow come hell or high water". But the tough plants from the Southern Living Plant Collection are guaranteed to thrive in Virginia's hot, humid summers. It looks like I finally found my perfect match.

Plants from the Southern Living Plant Collection are designed to solve specific landscape problems and thrive in southern gardens.

The Southern Living Plant Finder makes it easy to find sturdy performers such as crepe myrtles, camellias, loropetalum, and other heat lovers for all your stubborn spots. Southern Living is excited to introduce several new selections such as 'Lime Sizzler' firebush, 'Osage Thornless' blackberry,   and 'October Magic White Shi-shi' camellia. 

'Lime Sizzler' firebush

'October Magic White Shi-Shi' camellia

At their awesome website you can shop online at or cruise such handy categories such as expert videos, style advice, and the plant finder. Check them out!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Encore Azaleas: Superior Plants for Sunny Gardens

Have you ever looked at a plant and thought, "Why can't you just grow in the _____________? Now fill in the blank with whatever light and soil condition you have that the plant hates. Thanks to Encore, azaleas, long staples of shady, warm southern gardens are now available for cold, sunny spots up to zone 6. Encore azaleas are available in 31 reblooming varieties and unlike any other azalea in the world, need 4-6 hours of sun or high filtered shade to thrive. How cool is that?!

'Autumn Fire' azaleas rebloom throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Evergreen Encore azaleas bloom in early spring but continue to bloom throughout summer and fall and can be found in botanical gardens throughout the United States, including the US National Arboretum in Washington DC.

'Autumn Sunburst' azalea

For a gallery of their 31 different varieties and to find a retailer near you, check out their informative website. How can you resist?!