Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Thanks for attending Denver Fling!

Bloggers attending Denver Fling. Photo: April Shelhon
A mountain-sized thank you to the Denver Team for untold volunteer hours spent on putting together a fantastic 3-1/2 day tour of Denver-area gardens for us! Kudos to team members Judy Seaborn, Laura O'Connor, April Shelhon, Jennifer Spainhower, and Leigh Pond!

Denver Team: Leigh Pond, April Shelhon, Judy Seaborn, Jennifer Spainhower, Laura O'Connor of Botanical Interests. Photo: Linda Lehmusvirta
We encourage attendees to share your experience at Denver Fling on social media (#gbfling2019) and on your blog. We'll be collecting blog posts here (see below) so your fellow bloggers as well as the garden owners, sponsors, and anyone interested in Colorado gardening can read them. Check back periodically to find the newest links. And do share your Fling-related blog posts on the Fling Facebook page too. Seeing different perspectives about the gardens after the Fling ends keeps the fun going!

Click here for the Denver Fling Sponsor Directory.

Let's recognize all our 
First-Time Flingers 
We're so glad you joined us and hope you will keep in touch and make our Bloggers Fling community greater. 

Jack Hemingway (CA) -- The Garden Products Review
Amy Bouck-Knight (CA) -- The Lower Left Corner
Cheryl Spencer (CO)-- Simply Smart Gardening
Jim Tolstrup (CO) – High Plains Environmental Center
Laura Flanders (CO)-- Colorado Backyard Gardener
Luan Akin (CO)-- Tagawa Gardens Blog
Jane Shellenberger (CO)-- The Colorado Gardener
Idelle Fisher (CO)-- Good Environmental News
Donna Waters (CO)-- Pine Brook Hills Gardeners
Maureen Farmer (CT)-- The Farmer's Garden
Shari Wilson (D.C.)-- Nuts for Natives
Sarah Cain (KS)-- Garden Tails
Meg Cowden (MN)-- Seed to Fork
Patricia Cunningham (OR)– plant lust
Joellen Meyeres (TX)-- Gardening Among Friends
Holly Salmon (TX)-- Gardening Among Friends
Tamara Risken (TX)-- J. Berry Nursery
Michelle Olivier (WA)-- Sound Gardener
Barb Gorges (WY)-- Cheyenne Garden Gossip

Denver Fling Blog Posts

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Bonney Lassie: Denver Botanic Garden

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Queen of the Dirt: In a daze near Denver…tough plants, easy smiles

Digging: Getting seedy at Botanical Interests

A Growing Obsession: that moment with the eremurus and smoke tree in the Shinn garden

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Queen of the Dirt: In a daze near Denver…art and experimentation
Queen of the Dirt: In a daze near Denver…600 tons and what do you get?

Digging: Jan Devore Garden under the pines

Bonney Lassie: Another One Rides The Bus

Danger Garden: Janice and Richard DeVore’s garden, from the 2019 Garden Bloggers Fling

The Paintbox Garden: A Garden Embroidered with Myriad Threads

Just a Girl with a Hammer: Diary of a wimpy gardener

Digging: Rocking it at Gardens on Spring Creek

A Growing Obsession: Denver Botanic Gardens #gbfling2019

Queen of the Dirt: More postcards from Denver…

Queen of the Dirt: Postcards from Denver…

Queen of the Dirt: In a daze near Denver…High Plains Environmental Center

Queen of the Dirt: In a daze in Denver…GrowHaus

Queen of the Dirt: In a daze in Denver…morning walkabout

Good Environmental News: Bindweed vs. CobraHead

Danger Garden: Opening night for the 2019 Garden Bloggers Fling, at The GrowHaus

Digging: Welcome to Colorado and High Plains Environmental Center

The Queen of Seaford: Why Fling? Reflections from Denver

Southern Meadows: A Look At Colorado's Wide Open Spaces

The Paintbox Garden: Penstemon Envy

Danger Garden: My 2019 Garden Bloggers Fling plant haul...

Natural Gardening: A great Garden Bloggers Fling

Natural Gardening: Botanical Interests

Veg Plotting: Postcard from Colorado

Garden in a City: 2019 Denver Fling: An Overview

Monday, June 3, 2019


Opening Night: Thursday, June 13

3:30pm to 4:30pm: Stop by our table in the Hyatt hotel lobby, located to the left of the reservation desk, to pick up your ID badge and your swag bag. Wear your badge every day; it is your ticket to board the bus. Buses load this night at 5:30 and return to the hotel at 8:20-8:30.
If you miss the pick-up window, contact Laura or Leigh at the reception and we'll find a time after the reception to get you your things.

The swag bag will contain the tour routes and garden portraits; be sure to find them in the bag to take with you on the bus.

Daily departures and arrivals

Buses board at 8AM EACH morning. 
Friday we expect to be back at the Hyatt between 4:35 and 5:15. (The variance is due to not knowing the traffic conditions on the return from Fort Collins.)
Saturday we plan to be back at the Hyatt about 7:15.
Sunday we'll be back at the Hyatt at 8:20.

Weather forecast as of Tuesday 6/11

Attendance: 85

Thank you Hyatt Regency Denver for being a supportive partner to our group. They took into consideration a good number of reservations that were made outside of our block to count as credit to our account, so that we can meet our budget! 


Pat Hayward Garden Open Tour

Keep in mind that this is an after-Fling option, and those signed up are on their own for transportation arrangements. If you signed up, but have changed your mind, please go back to the event and cancel. 

Posts you may want to review:

May 10 - Full Itinerary

April 18 - Transportation to/from airport AND restaurants near hotel

May 24 - Denver area weather, tips on what to bring

Jan 10 - Hotel Info

Jan 9 - Denver highlights

Jan 23 - Beyond Denver Part I

March 15 - Beyond Denver Part II

Thursday, May 30, 2019

One more sponsor! 
One more big "thank you"!

Wildseed Farms has been growing fields of wildflowers for the production of seed for over 35 years. It is the nation's largest working wildflower farm with over 200 acres in Fredericksburg, Texas alone, with over 450,000 visitors each year.


We've been busy as bees packing swag bags, organizing raffle items, mapping out bus routes, assembling badges, and taking care of the lingering details.
Here are Leigh and John, sorting raffle prizes and getting a bit looney over it...

Itinerary update: On June 15, at our first stop (8:45, Botanical Interests) we will be served a light, grab-and-go breakfast. 

Veteran flingers: If you have any tips for first-timers about what to pack that was not covered in last week's post, that could be a helpful conversation for Facebook. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Registration is closed

Registration for the 2019 Fling is now closed.

We are happy to say that we have 84 attendees, and 

20 are first-time flingers!

Tips for what to pack and expect:

The average high for Denver in June is 82°F, and the average low is 53°F. June CAN see days up in the 90s, and nights in the 40s. But even on a hot day, as soon as the sun goes down, it cools off fast. A sweater and/or light windbreaker is recommended.

The average rainfall is 2". Typically, June rain occurs after noon. The 5-day meteorological forecasts are usually reliable, so check that out before you travel. It might be good to bring a compact rain poncho.

UV rays are more intense at high altitudes, so it's easier to get sunburned here; don't forget the sunscreen. Hat, cap, or visor is good to have as well.

Comfortable shoes/sandals are a must! You'll be walking quite a bit.

As we are close to the mountains, we sometimes see mountain wildlife venturing down to the front range such as elk, deer, bighorn sheep, 
coyotes, bobcats, and even the occasional bear or moose. Bring binoculars, if you have them.

More typically you will see cottontail rabbits

and prairie dogs

which are in abundance here. 

Red foxes are predators of both, and you would be lucky to see one of these swift and graceful, beautiful animals. Yesterday I spotted one at 11am, in a field just north of here (Broomfield).

Red-tailed hawk
Hawks are very common; there are several species that nest in Colorado, along with a number of other raptors.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Donors of swag/raffle goods for Denver Fling!

We want to acknowledge the companies who donated 
swag and raffle items

Applewood Seed
Bluestone Perennials
Botanical Interests
Bower & Branch
Corona Tools
Esschert Design
Garden Tower Project
Garden Works
High Plains Environmental Center
Live Trends Design
Niche Gardens
Paw Paw Everlast Label Co.
Plant Development Services
Proven Winners Color Choice
St. Lynn's Press
Tagawa Gardens
Teak Closeouts
Timber Press
Tubtrugs (Red Gorilla)
Tula Hats
Your True Nature

Check out some of the great items we will see in our 
raffle and swag bags!

Hats, hats, and more Fair-trade, sun-protecting hats!

Hang your flower pots just about anywhere with these sturdy pot hangers.
Amazing vertical Garden Tower and composting system

                                                   All-leather gauntlet gloves

Lidded coffee/tea mugs

Recyclable, paper seed-starting pots