Upcoming Flings

2016 - July 14-17 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
2017 - The Capital Region (Washington, D.C. area)
2018 - Austin, Texas

Interested in Hosting?

If you are interested in hosting the Fling in your city, we welcome your proposal! The Fling goes where bloggers are willing to host, so if you'd like your city to be represented, consider offering to host. Any potential host must have attended at least one previous Garden Bloggers Fling. For more information, please read the hosting requirements and guidelines. Contact Pam Penick if you have any other questions about how to host.

Past Flings

2015 Toronto, Ontario, Cananda
2014 Portland, Oregon
2013 San Francisco, California
2012 Asheville, North Carolina
2011 Seattle, Washington
2010 Buffalo, New York
2009 Chicago, Illinois
2008 Austin, Texas

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  1. Both 2017 and 2018 look good for me, will be making a concerted effort to cross the pond for them


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