The lead planners of the 2016 Fling in Minneapolis, MN, are:

Contact them directly for information about participating in the Minneapolis Fling or if you're interested in being a sponsor.

If you have questions about what the Fling is or you'd like to discuss hosting the Fling in your city, please read our General Info page or contact advisory committee member Pam Penick.

Garden Bloggers Fling Advisory Committee

Pam Penick - Digging - Austin, TX
Elizabeth Licata - Garden Rant - Buffalo, NY
Gail Eichelberger - Clay and Limestone - Nashville, TN
Jean McWeeney - Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog - Ruston, LA
Kelly Kilpatrick - Floradora - Oakland, CA
Andrea Fox - Grow Where You're Planted - College Station, TX
Loree Bohl - Danger Garden - Portland, OR