Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Capital Region Fling Overview

The Fling, recently described as summer camp for gardeners, is over but we all get to relive the fun through our blog posts. Much has been written about the Fling on blog posts and in our public Facebook group. I've organized this by day and added a few of the shout-out's from Facebook.

Thursday, June 22  
Welcome Event at Willowsford

Friday, June 23   

Garden With Diana - Hillwood Estate
pbm garden - Smithsonian Gardens
Late to the Garden Party - Smithsonian Gardens
Digging - Gardens along the National Mall
The Danger Garden - Hillwood Estate
Red Dirt Ramblings - Hillwood Estate
Toronto Gardens - Hillwood Estate
Bonney Lassie - Smithsonian Gardens
A Leafy Indulgence - Hillwood
A Leafy IndulgenceGardens along the National Mall
pbmGarden - Monastery

Saturday, June 24
Private gardens in Maryland and Virginia, Brookside Gardens

Digging - Debbie Friedman
Digging - Jeff Minnich
Digging - Peg Bier
Digging - Scott Brinitzer
Digging - Ellen Ash
Digging - Virginia Gardener
Digging - Barbara Katz
Digging - Brookside Gardens
A Leafy Indulgence - Barbara Katz and Debbie Friedman
Toronto Gardens - Scott Brinitzer
Late to the Garden Party - Barbara Katz
Late to the Garden Party - Brookside Gardens
Garden With Diana - Debbie Friedman's garden

Sunday, June 25

Digging - Linda Hostetler
Digging - Casa Mariposa, Merrifield's, Stone Tower
Bonney Lassie - Merrifield's
Sharing Nature's Garden - Casa Mariposa
pbmgarden - Merrifield's 
The Paintbox Garden - Linda Hostetler

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